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Core Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Rebecca is one of the most experienced and caring instructors that I have encountered. It's great to know that she is watching over each and every client in the class!!"

Jackie Pottgen

I am New to the Naples area. I made it my job in the past week to find a good fitness studio. It took me about a week, but I found a gem! Instructors, Michael and Rebecca are wonderful to work with..patient, helpful and challenging. They have years of experience behind them. A beautiful new studio is waiting for you. You will love everything about it!

Lynne Christine N

“Michael and Rebecca really give it their all. Atmosphere is friendly and non-competitive. Classes are fun and actually go by quickly, and always with a few laughs”

Trish McCullough

“Rebecca and Michael are not only extremely professional but welcoming, encouraging and fun. They make a point of recognizing every one who comes to class, remembering their names as well as their strengths”

Felicity Sweet

"I had the pleasure of working out with Rebecca for over a year before she moved. She is one of the most challenging Pilates instructors I've ever had! She finds ways to challenge you with each exercise and keeps you moving towards your best potential. She is fun and engaging and I really enjoyed the time I spent with her!"

Kimra Zadik

"I've had Rebecca as a Pilates Instructor for 3 years. She offers a wide range of different challenges to her classes, modifications and makes sure you are using proper form. I always enjoyed working out with Rebecca. I wish her all the best in the opening of her new studio in Naples. We miss her in Tempe!!"

Joannie Murphy

"I began Pilates in January at the recommendation of both my physician and a close friend. I had been having pain in my knees and hips without any reason (except for getting older and less active!) I went to a local Pilates Studio and took an introductory class from Rebecca and was immediately hooked! Rebecca took into consideration my physical needs and concerns and educated my on Reformer classes. She helped me to progress at an acceptable pace until I strengthened my joints and then she pushed me further, never letting me back down. The entire time she was positive and supportive!! Rebecca gets to know her clients and take a personal interest in their well being. One of my favorite aspects of her class was her "music mix"! I find it helpful to do workouts, whatever type they are, with music! Very few instructors that I have worked with have done this. Rebecca makes class enjoyable and fun! She has relocated to Florida and the people in Arizona miss her very much, classes just aren't the same without her!"

Nicholette Adkins

"Rebecca is a beautiful woman both inside and out. Both her passion for Pilates and her countless years of training and experience are evidently displayed in her teachings. Her focus during each of her classes is to create a safe environment that encourages the enrichment of the mind, body and spirit. Her main philosophy is to educate others on how to take what you learn in the classroom and apply to daily life so to create positive change and an overall healthier wellbeing. For her, Pilates is truly a way of life."

Kimberly Haug

"If you want someone to push you and help you reach the best version of you then THIS is the place! Rebecca is an amazing instructor that helps you see just how far you can go even if you don't believe it. Michael, though I've never taken a class from him, has a kind spirit that screams YOU CAN FREAKING DO IT...whatever that DO IT is. Visit them! You won't regret it.

Kathy Burr

"Great Barre workout today with Rebecca! Can't wait to try the other fun stuff there too! :)"

Ronda Ward


I am scrambling to pack for our return to our summer home, but wanted to say, I will miss your classes as much as anything I miss in Naples. You are a gifted and motivating force. I look forward to coming back and immediately participating in Pilates and Barre. I'm noticeably stronger because of YOU! Peace and good health to you and Michael. 

Nancy Cherney